Joop Leo


Contact information:

  1. +31 6 12020311

  2. joop.leo@uva.nl

Research interests:

  1. Metaphysics

  2. Philosophical logic

In 2006, after graduating cum laude in philosophy, I obtained a PhD position at Utrecht University to do research on the metaphysical structure of relations. My training as a mathematician proved to be useful in dealing with this intriguing problem. The analysis resulted in a new theory of relations, which I called the polymorphic theory of relations. For my PhD research I worked closely with Kit Fine and Albert Visser. In 2008 I went to New York University for a short period as a visiting scholar, and in November 2010 I received my PhD. In July 2012, I received a Veni grant from NWO to develop a new logic for reasoning in a natural way about relations, like the love relation.